Aims and Objectives

(As described in Article 3 of Memorandum of Association)
  • To initiate, co-ordinate and promote the study of various problems of the Himalayan and trans-Himalayan region from the Hindu Kush in the northwest to Arunachal Pradesh in the east and also in the adjoining regions of South and Central Asia, connected with and in regard to its environment, geography, living and non-living resources, art and culture,language and literature, history, society, economies, geopolitics, human rights, etc.
  • To take all possible steps for promoting the cause of the preservation and promotion of cultural, literary and historical heritage of the Himalayan States.
  • To encourage contacts and exchange of knowledge and culture of the Himalayan and adjoining areas.
  • To undertake, organise and facilitate the holding of conferences, seminars, lectures, cultural shows and workshops from time to time.
  • To sponsor member researchers to different literary, academic or technical institutions in the country or abroad for study, training or undertaking specific research projects.
  • To provide both financial, technical and intellectual assistance to individuals or groups of individuals engaged or interested in taking up specific research projects.
  • To cater to the needs of writers, research scholars and institutions both government and academic, by providing information, documentation and reference services.
  • To undertake, facilitate and provide for the publication of occasional papers/ monographs, a research journal, newsletter and also of standard works, original texts, translations, commentaries or even the manuscripts completed by scholars, all bearing relevance to the aims and objects of the Foundation.
  • To take up the task of identification, acquisition, editing and publication of old records or manuscripts which would throw light on the history, literature and cultural heritage of the Himalayan and adjoining regions.
  • To establish an appropriate organisational network or chapters in different parts of the country or even abroad and to strive for providing all possible amenities including the library and hostel facilities to scholars interested in promoting the objectives of the Foundation.
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