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Himalayan and Central Asian Studies

(Quarterly being published regularly since 1997)
Editor : Prof. K. Warikoo


Vol.2 No.1 (January-March 1998)
Editor's Page K. Warikoo 1-2

Human Rights and Terrorism: An International Law Perception V.S. Mani 3-31
Azerbaijan in the Threshold of Post-Soviet Changes
P.L. Dash 32-48
Hans Christian Ostro: A Tribute   49-76
UN Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
(49th Session): A Report
Sharad K. Soni 77-83

Resolutions/Declaration Adopted by the United Nations Commissin on Human Rights on Hostage-Taking

Book Review

S.P. Sinha, 'Jackals' of the Himalayas: Kashmir Hostages' Mystery

Sharad K. Soni 88-89
Editor's Page K. Warikoo 1-2

Turkey and ECO Gareth M. Winrow 3-29
Advantages of City States for Cultural and Social Development within Wider Areas Nick Constantopoulos 30-34
Islamist Mercenaries and Terrorism in Kashmir K. Warikoo 35-57
United Nation Commission on Human Rights
(54th Session): A Report
Sharad K. Soni 58-75


HRCF Calls for Stoppage of Mercenary Activities in South and Central Asia (Seminar Report)


(a) Resolution Adopted by the UN General Assembly on Mercenaries (4 December 1989)

(b) Use of Mercenaries as a means of impeding the exercise of the Right of Peoples to Self-Determination

(c) The Use of Mercenaries as a means of violating Human Rights and impeding the exercise of the Right of Peoples to Self-Determination

Book Review
D.P. Kumar, Kashmir: Pakistan's Proxy War
Sharad K. Soni 93-94
Vol.2 No.3-4 (July-December 1998) KYRGYZSTAN
Editor's Page K. Warikoo 1-3

Kyrgyzstan on the Eve of the 21st Century: Principal Trends of Reforms Askar Akaev 4-25
Administrative Reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic: Problems and Prospects K.M. Jumaliev 26-45
India and Kyrgyzstan in Constructive Co-operation M. Imanaliev 46-50
Formation of Ethno-Political Territory and Boundaries of Kyrgyzstan N. Karimbekova 51-66
Kyrgyzstan on the Great Silk Route: Cultural Interaction with India V. Vorapoeva and V. Goryacheva 67-82
On the Trail of Silk Route: Travel Experiences in Kyrgyzstan K. Warikoo 83-96
Manaschi on the Yenisei in the Narration of Indian Historian of the XIII Century V. Ploskikh 97-100
The Kyrgyz Uprising of 1916 O. Ibraimov 101-110
The Political Culture in Kyrgyzstan: Trends towards Democratisation A. Dononbaev 111-122
Ozone Holes above Central Asia S.J. Toktomyshev and V.K. Semyonov 123-137
About the Philosophy of the Mountains A. Kakeev 139-146
Problems and Ways of Providing Human Activities in the Mountains of Central Asia A.A. Aidaraliev 147-155
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