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Himalayan and Central Asian Studies

(Quarterly being published regularly since 1997)
Editor : Prof. K. Warikoo

Vol. 15 Nos. 1-2 (January-June 2011) AFGHANISTAN SPECIAL
Editor's Page K. Warikoo 1-3
Regional Initiatives to Promote Stability and Development in Afghanistan Shirin Akiner 4-28
The Rebuilding of Afghanistan: Is the World Growing Disenchanted? Apratim Mukarji 29-41
Rule of Law and Governance Development in Afghanistan Karin Esposito 42-53
The Need for New Policies in Afghanistan: A European’s Perspective Michael Fredholm 54-75
The Coming Summer in Afghanistan: What to Expect Ramtanu Maitra 76-88
Obama’s Af-Pak Strategy and Implications for South Asia Uma Shankar 89-107
The Afghanistan Conundrum: Implications for India K. Warikoo 108-119
Afghanistan: The Russian Connection Sreemati Ganguly 120-130
Afghanistan after 2014 and India’s Options Indranil Banerji 131-139
Iran’s Afghanistan Policy: Post-Taliban Evaluation Mirwais K. Balkhi 140-151
Landmines in Afghanistan and Environmental Degradation Neeru Sharma 152-165
Vol. 15 No. 3 (July-September 2011) PAKISTAN SPECIAL
Editor’s Page K. Warikoo 1-3

Religious Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan and its Implications K. Warikoo 4-23
Kashmir, Afghanistan, India and Beyond: A Taxonomy of Islamic Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan Michael Fredholm 24-80
Pakistan’s Quest for Strategic Depth: Regional Security Implications Ashish Shukla 81-104
The Semi-Autonomous Tribal Areas of Pakistan Carlos Setas 105-120
Vol. 15 No. 4 (July-December 2011) ROERICH SPECIAL
Editor’s Page K. Warikoo 1-3
Culture and Civilization: Problems and Perspectives O. N. Kalinkina 3-7
Culture Stands Sentinel over Health of Society L. I. Monasipova 8-10
Chariot Drawing of the late Bronze Age in Minusinsk Basin O. V. Kovaleva 11-15
A Scythian Epoch Horse Bridle in Minusinsk Hollow P. Amzarakov 16-19
Preserving Historical and Cultural Heritage of Sayano-Altai V. N. Tuguzhekova 20-23
The Roerich Pact as an expression of Philosophy of Cosmic Reality O. A. Urozhenko 24-36
The Essence of the Banner of Peace K. Molchanova 37-39
N. K. Roerich and the Altai N.A. Dankina
and I. N. Troshkina
Nickolay Roerich as Leader of Culture in the Creative Work of Svetoslav Roerich E. S. Kulakova 44-49
Central Asian Expedition of N.K. Roerich, 1923-1928 V. N. Tuguzhekova 50-53
“History of Central Asia” by G.N. Roerich: Feat in Protection of Culture of the People V. Voropayeva 54-57
Ecological Balance of Nature and Man in Buddhist Iconography S. Batyreva 58-60
Modern Research in Buddhist Art V. V. Demenova 61-63
Prospects of Indo-European Research for Preservation of Cultural Heritage S. I. Trunev 64-66
Guru Shri Surendranath Jena Dance School in Ural N. Belchenko 67-78
HRCF File    
The Roerich Pact   79-83
Message of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt   84-85
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