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Himalayan and Central Asian Studies

(Quarterly being published regularly since 1997)
Editor : Prof. K. Warikoo

Vol. 17 No. 1 (January-March 2013) GILGIT-BALTISTAN SPECIAL
Editor’s Page K. Warikoo 1-2
Origins of Peoples of the Karakoram Himalayas Charles Graves 3-18
Ruling by Durbar style of Governance: The Gilgit Agency in Colonial Times Irmtraud Stellrecht 19-32
Language, Culture and Heritage of Mirpur Muhammad Rafiq Bhatti 33-43
Constitutional Status of Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral and Shenaki Kohistanl Abdul Hamid Khan 44-51
Socio-Economic situation in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Anil Bhat 52-60
Impact of Sino-Pak Cooperation on Gilgit-Baltistan and Xinjiang Senge Sering 61-81
Vol. 17 No. 2 (April-June 2013) KATANOV SPECIAL
Editor's Page K. Warikoo 1-3
Nickolay Fyodorovich Katanov and Modern Age I. G. Smolina 4-9
Heritage of the Khakass scholar Nickolay Fyodorovich Katanov G. A. Salata 10-14
N. F. Katanov’s Contribution to the Development of Humanities V.N. Tuguzhekova 15-21
N. F. Katanov’s Year in Khakassia V.N. Tuguzhekova and N.A. Dankina 22-28
Social and enlightenment activity of N. F. Katanov N.A. Dankina 29-34
Tobolsk heritage of Professor N.F. Katanov Kh. Ch. Alishina 35-39
N. F. Katanov’s Ethnographic Researches in Sketches N. G. Shaymerdinova 40-47
Plant Vocabulary in N. F. Katanov’s Brief Sagay-Russian dictionary Z. Y. Kaskarakova 48-51
N.F. Katanov’s Contribution in the Recording of Turkic Languages I. M. Tarakanova 52-55
N. F. Katanov’s Folkloristic Activity and Modern Khakass Literature N. V. Voronina 56-59
Sounds of the Khakass language in N. F. Katanov’s works V. V. Subrakova 60-64
Otantroponymic Oykonyms of Khakassia in N. F. Katanov’s Works R. D. Sunchugashev 65-69

Vol. 17 Nos. 3-4 (July-December 2013) CHINA SPECIAL
Editor’s Page K. Warikoo 1-4

Political change in China and the new 5th Generation Leadership Michael Dillon 5-22
Financial Diplomacy: The Internationalization of the Chinese Yuan Ivanka Petkova 23-37
Understanding China’s Policy and Intentions towards the SCO Michael Fredholm 38-60
Cyber Warfare: China’s Role and Challenge to the United States Arun Warikoo 61-71
The China-European Union Strategic Partnership and the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization
Manuel Rocha-Pino 72-94
Central Asia - China Cooperation: Lessons for India K. Warikoo 95-109
India and China: Contemporary Issues and Challenges B.R. Deepak 110-132
India, China and Russia: Civilizational Links over Political Processes Baatr U. Kitinov 133-149
India–China Strategic Rivalry: Has the Dragon Replaced the Elephant in South Asia? Amit Ranjan 150-170
The Depsang Standoff at the India-China Border along the LAC: View from Ladakh Deldan Kunzes Angmo Nyachu 171-182
China- Myanmar: No More Pauk Phaws? Rahul Mishra 184-205
Pakistan-China Relations: A Case Study of All-Weather Friendship Ashish Shukla 206-229
Afghanistan-China Relations: 1955-2012 Mohammad Mansoor Ehsan 230-250
Medieval Tibet in Perso-Islamic Sources Said Reza ‘Huseini’ 251-283
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