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Himalayan and Central Asian Studies

(Quarterly being published regularly since 1997)
Editor : Prof. K. Warikoo

Vol. 18 Nos. 1-2 (January-June 2014) MYANMAR SPECIAL
Editor’s Page Rahul Mishra 1-4
ASEAN, Myanmar and The Rohingya Issue Bilveer Singh 5-20
ASEAN’s Approach to Myanmar Vo Xuan Vinh 21-34
Salience of Energy Sector in Myanmar’s Economic Growth Shebonti Ray Dadwal 35-43
Nuclear Myanmar: Dormancy Should Not Be Taken For Granted Ajey Lele 44-51
Mapping the Meaning of Burman Nationalism K. Yhome 52-63
Myanmar’s Tatmadaw: A Brief Overview Bharat Maheshwari 64-76
Theoretical Underpinnings of Myanmar’s Quest for Democracy and Civil Society Sumit Kumar Pathak 77-92
Economic Development and Growth Prospects in Myanmar Pankaj Jha 93-105
Myanmar in India’s Look East Policy Rahul Mishra 106-123
India-Myanmar-Northeast India: Challenges and the Way Forward Sampa Kundu 124-132
Profiling Non-State Armed Insurgent Groups of Myanmar Anurag Tripathi 133-154
Energy Dynamics of India-Myanmar Relations Rohit Pattanaik 155-166
The Position of Meitei in the Study of Indian Diaspora in Myanmar Nongthombam Jiten 167-181
China-Myanmar Relations in the Twenty-first Century Puyam Rakesh Singh 182-200
China- Myanmar Border Dispute Resolution: An Assessment Sana Hashmi 201-214
The Bear in the Golden Land: An Assessment of Russia-Myanmar Ties Rohit Kumar Mishra 215-225
Vol. 18 Nos. 3-4 (July-December 2014 ) ALTAI SPECIAL
Editor’s Page I.A. Zhernosenko 1-7
Geo-ecological and Social Functions of Greater Altai E.O. Harms, M.G. Suhova and I.G. Shestakova 9-15
On the Trail of Silk Route: Pilgrimage to Sumeru, Altai, Siberia K. Warikoo 16-36
Eurasian Philosophy of Culture: The Principles of Formation M. Yu. Shishin 37-44
Altai as a Centre of Eurasian Cooperation A.V. Ivanov, I.V. Fotieva and A.V. Kremneva 45-54
Altai – A Source of Spiritual Ecology as a Norm of Eurasian Civilization D.I. Mamyev 55-63
Hexagonal Altai I.A. Zhernosenko and N.N. Stolyarovà 64-70
Modeling the Concept “Altai” O.A. Staroseletz and N.N. Simonova 71-78
The Phenomenon Altai in the System of World Culture E.I. Balakina and E.E. Balakina 79-85
Altai as One of the Poles of Energy of the Geo-Cultural Phenomenon “Altai-Himalayas” I.A. Zhernosenko 86-97
Scientific Philosophical Aspects of Altaian Culture D.I. Mamyev 98-107
Worldview and Mentality of Altai’s Indigenous Inhabitants I.A. Zhernosenko and I.V. Rogozina 108-116
Altaian and Central Asian Beliefs about Sumeru Alfred Poznyakov 117-124
Semantic and Artistic Analysis of the Petroglyphic Compositions of Altai S. Belokurova 125-131
Altai Museums E. Polyakova 132-139
Study of Language and Culture in the Study of Language and Culture in the N.V. Khalina 140-147
The Unique Phenomenon “Altai” in the Literary Work of Barnaul Writer E.I. Balakina and E.E. Balakina 148-159
Art of Altai in Modern and Contemporary Times E.I. Balakina and E.E. Balakina 160-168
Creativity of Altai Artist G.F. Borunov E. Mushnikova 169-180
Works of Altai Fine Arts A. Belokurova 181-185
Ornamental Motifs on Leather Vessels of the Peoples of Great Altai A. Ikkert 186-190
About the Altai Coke, Altai-Indian Cooperation and the Museum of Modern Painting of Altai E.I. Balakina and E.E. Balakina 191-197
“Folk Pictures” in the Artistic Culture of Russia and Mongolia T.V. Mediantceva 198-204
Buddhist Temple Architecture of Mongolia of Mongolia 205-215
New List of Altaic Names T.A. Golikova 216-223
Environmental and Economic Development Trends in the Altai Region A.V. Ivanov 224-231
Implementation of Green Economy Principles in Altai Krai L. Beldeeva and V. Somin 232-239
Resources of Ethnic Tourism in Altai Republic M.A. Indyukova and A.N. Dunets 240-243
International Tourist Potential of Big Altai S.B. Pomorov 244-249
Cross-border Tourism in Altai Mountain Region A.N. Dunets 250-258
Using GIS for Assessing Tourism Potential of the Altai Mountainous Area I.A. Mikhailidi 259-266
Protection of Water Resources in Altai Region V. Somin, V. Osokin, L. Komarova and D. Subbotina 267-273
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